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Wherever the world takes us


Looking for new field

Airsoft & Chill

Battle the elements and your friends in an all out airsoft battlefield.

Airsoft & Chill
Airsoft & Chill

Time & Location

Wherever the world takes us

Looking for new field

About the event


When driving to and from the field, you're driving on a PRIVATE road. 

Please show caution when driving from the main road and up to the parking area. 

No reckless driving up the dirt roads! No dust clouds etc. 

Check the map on the main page for specific places to park. 

No other places are currently available for parking. 

If in doubt, call the main number on the  page and we will guide you to your parking spot. 

Remember that we follow NASF rules for FPS, and only accept BIO BB's due to environmental concerns. 

Any other type of BB is not allowed at our field. 

We follow the ruling Class J.

For rental weapons, these need to be leased in due time before the event. 

Please contact us on Facebook, email or telephone to make sure there is enough guns to go around. 

We sell G&G 0.25 BB's for 200 NOK as long as stock lasts and due notice is given. 

This can be picked up on the field as you arrive on game day. 

We will supply safety goggles and as many BB's as you can fire in that fee. 

Non members pay 30 NOK for each game attended, with their own gear. 

You need to be 18 years or older to attend our games. 

You can join from the age of 16 as long as a guardian or parent accompany you. 

Take contact for further info on how that works. 

We welcome you to a safe and fun environment to experience the thrill of Airsoft.

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